Kaneohe Ranch

Mitch’s Letter


Mitch D'Olier

Dear Friends of Kailua,

When I first joined Kaneohe Ranch and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation in 2002, I viewed Kailua as a quiet little beachside community, a peaceful and safe oasis from the troubles of the modern world.

But I quickly saw that the beauty of a place, both spiritual and physical, can mask underlying problems. Yes, Kailua was stunningly beautiful. But during my first week with Kaneohe Ranch I walked through all our commercial properties and saw some activities that were disturbing and potentially dangerous. On certain evenings I saw places where drug deals occurred.  I saw late-night establishments that attracted rowdy elements of the community and left some residents feeling threatened and afraid to walk the streets.

Safety was a priority of mine since my first day in Kailua. When I saw things that put Kailua residents in danger, or simply made them feel unwelcome in their own community, I decided to bring professional security to our Kailua commercial properties. We even brought in a former assistant police chief to oversee security of our properties and to work with HPD. Or goal was to provide a safe environment for all residents and guests. Today, we continue to provide 24/7 security coverage for our Kailua properties.

We appreciate the hard work of HPD and the District 4 community police team, as well as the efforts of our elected officials. They have helped Kailua remain the safe and tranquil town we all expect it to be. But it takes more than just private security and Honolulu police to keep our community safe. Residents have to work together to confront crime issues and I am proud to say that this is already happening.

The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation is a strong financial supporter of after-school youth programs such as Windward Boys & Girls Club and of the Windward Neighborhood Security Watch. The Foundation and Kaneohe Ranch listens to and acts on the concerns of Kailua residents. It’s this kind of communication that builds strong, healthy and safe communities.

Aloha and mahalo,

Mitch D’Olier
President and CEO