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Alaka’ina Awards


Alakaina AwardsThe Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, a longtime believer in recognizing dynamic and transformational leaders who have made some of the most significant contributions to the K-12 public education system in Hawaii, rewarded three educators who did just that.

Announced at the Educational Leadership Institute at the Hawaii Convention Center in July, the trio received a surprise $10,000 cash award and beautiful koa paddle from Nohea Gallery for being the winners of the inaugural Alaka‘ina (Leadership) Awards, the first awards to recognize leaders above the school level who have worked to transform the educational system.

“The award recipients are distinguished educational leaders who value and focus on learning, act strategically and take action,” said Mitch D’Olier, president and CEO of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. “They are the catalyst for positive change and understand the implementation considerations necessary to drive transformation and improve student learning. They invest in building the capacity of their people to sustain the effort, and they promote and inspire excellence.”