Kaneohe Ranch

Letters to the Editor

Critics of Garvey proved her point

September 20, 2012
By Brook Gramman, Lanikai Bath and Body
Honolulu Star-Advertiser


As Gloria Garvey’s business partner, I am writing to set the record straight about our business and contributions to Kailua.

We do have concerns about visitor activity in residential areas but believe that this problem will be solved.

We started our business eight years ago to make a product in Hawaii and hire and serve local people. We worked long and hard to come up with fragrances that capture Hawaii. Visitors are a bonus, allowing us to begin addressing our debt. We give back every chance we get. We mentor our employees, help them through “first job” nervousness, support them in their educations.

Personally, I worked to help keep the Kailua Fourth of July fireworks event alive for three years. Ironically the lack of aloha that we have experienced via several comments is a perfect example of what Gloria was talking about (“Has cash clouded opinions in Kailua?” Star-Advertiser, Letters, Sept. 17). Fortunately, they were outweighed by many who agree.