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Kailua Community

Kailua is a thriving, vibrant community, thanks to a great extent to the many groups, clubs, associations and coalitions – many of them volunteer organizations – that work tirelessly on a wide variety of causes and interests their members feel passionately. Keeping Kailua a safe, healthy place to live and visit is also important.

Kailua Chamber of Commerce
The Kailua Chamber of Commerce is the business heart of Kailua. It is an association of people and businesses that promote business through sponsorship of various events, bringing residents and businesses owners together and generally making sure that Kailua continues to be the unique beachside community it is for both residents and visitors.
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Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii (Kailua)
Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii (Kailua) inspires young people to become responsible citizens. It creates a safe place for kids to grow, provides mentoring by a professionally-trained staff and caring volunteers, nurtures character development and life-enhancing skills, and provides hope and opportunity.
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Rotary Club of Windward Oahu
The Windward Rotary Club was chartered on October 16, 1953, and about 40 members. It meets Thursdays at the Mid-Pacific Country Club in Kailua. Visitors are welcome.
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YMCA Windward Branch
YMCA Windward Branch members believe Windward Y has a unique feeling that other Ys don’t. Maybe, they say, it’s because t Windward Y is the only branch in the world with a heiau in its back yard. But it could also be because of the friendly staff, family atmosphere, heated salt water pool or wide range of group exercise classes.
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Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club
The Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club is a member of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, the oldest Hawaiian community-based grass roots organization in Hawaii. Founded in 1918 by Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana‘ole, it advocates for improved welfare of native Hawaiians in culture, health, economic development, education, social welfare, and nationhood. It also seeks to perpetuate and preserve Hawaiian language, history, music, dance and other cultural traditions.
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Ahahui Malama i ka Lokahi
‘Ahahui Mālama i ka Lōhaki is a coalition of Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians devoted to the presevation of native species and ecosystems, and the importance of their relationship to Hawaiian culture. It conducts educational tours of Kailua Ahupua’a and Kawainui Marsh to inform residents and visitors about Hawaiian geological, archaeological, historic and ecological resources of the marsh.
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Kailua Historical Society
Kailua Historical Society works to collect and preserve Kailua’s past through archives, oral histories, public forums, tours, site preservation, and publications.
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Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle
The Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle, founded in 1948, is dedicated to beautifying Kailua by planting trees, shrubs and flowers in parks, public spaces, at schools and along streets and highways. The organization is dedicated to preserving open space, coastal vistas, shoreline areas, ridgelines and green belts.
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Windward Ahupua‘a Alliance
Windward Ahupua‘a Alliance was established in 2002 to create the Koolau Greenbelt and Heritage Trails System in order restore, protect and provide public access to the mauka on the windward side of Oahu.
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Hui O Koʻolaupoko
Located in Kailua, Hui O Ko‘olaupoko works to address land-based pollution and watershed health water from the mauka ridgest flow eventually through watersheds and eventually into the waters of Waimanalo, Kailua and Kaneohe Bay. It does this through various stream restoration projects, while removing invasive species and replanting and protecting native species.
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Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation
Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation promotes the preservation of the Kawainui Marsh. It conducts educational tours of Kawainui Marsh to inform residents and visitors about Hawaiian archaeological, historic, and ecological resources of the marsh.

Pacific American Foundation
Established in 1993, the Kailua-based Pacific American Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of the Pacific Americans. It has developed over a dozen different programs, created a variety of culturally based curriculum for public schools, and has touched the lives of thousands of Pacific Americans in Hawai‘i and abroad.
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