Kaneohe Ranch

2012 Healthiest Employers Finalists

September 21, 2012
Pacific Business News



Kaneohe Ranch Co. LLC/Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Kaneohe Ranch Management Limited manages the real estate owned by the family trusts of Harold K.L. Castle and Alice H. Castle and their nonprofit charitable foundation, the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation.

President and CEO: Mitchell D’Olier

Address: 1199 Auloa Road, Kailua, HI 96734

How we encourage employees to participate in our wellness programs: Wellness programs include twice-weekly workouts with a trainer for one hour each, massage twice monthly and yoga once a month. The workouts and massage are provided to employees free of charge. Employees encourage one another to attend workouts. Company leaders try to lead by example and maintain regular attendance. Trainers vary the workouts to keep them interesting. Trainers follow up with employees to encourage attendance.

Monthly yoga is subsidized to about 50 percent. Again, employees encourage one another to attend and company leaders lead by example. Healthy eating is a regular office topic and snacks at weekly staff meetings are, for the most part, healthy. When eating at the office, what we’re all eating is a regular topic. Lots more brown rice than there used to be.

The No. 1 area that employees want to change in their lives: Employees want to lead healthy long lives and have realized that fitness and regular exercise increases work performance, happiness and better ability to cope with family matters. Most participants have lost pounds and inches and many look remarkably better after four years in the program. Medical absences from work have declined.

Mitchell D’Olier, President and CEO
Email: mitch@kaneoheranch.com